Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Casa Cafe - Old town Tripoli

I do have a tendency to post more "ugly" pictures, ore such that would give an overall negative impression. Some of you have commented that this draws a too negative picture of the situation on the ground.
Because, of course, there are also many enjoyable places in Tripoli, like for instance, the old town (Medina Khadima). One of the many coffee shops where you can see the thrive of young Libyans wanting to add something of modernity to their city.
The coffeeshop Casa is located right opposite the old clock tower and used to be flocked with tourists. Not so many of these to be seen those days. However, still many Libyans droping in and trying to get a smell of normality. 


  1. Oh I was so sad when coming back to Tripoli I found the Clock Cafè renewed!
    the coffee was like a black broth American style and I was not given my tea with almonds!

  2. yeah, many "new style" cafes opening these days. inside old town you still find some of those !