Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Mudi Golf Course, Jdaim Libya

Friday morning.
Waking up late.
Making coffee.
The sun is out.
The Internet is down.
What to do?
Why not have a trip to famous "Mudi Golf Course", 30 km west of Tripoli, in the Jdaim area.
And this is a real highlight blog entry, for all my old friends from the "Tripoli Diplomatic Golf Club".
The Golf Club existed only on paper, but this since many years. Franco Angeloni, from the Italian Embassy, was the Secretary General. He organised once a month a golf tournament in Djerba for all the golf-addicted Expats. On thursday evening, all the golf nuts would drive the 300 kms to Djerba in 4-6 hours (depending on border control). Friday morning tournament, Saturday morning relaxing at hotel, and at noon returning to Tripoli.
It was a real meeting point for Oil Company managers, GMs from European, American companies - and, last but not least: Diplomats.
And what would the real heavy gold addict do in the weeks in between:
Go to Mudi golf course.
Mr.Mudi used his farm to build a nine hole course. Of course not international standards, and there were years when the grass was not cut. It was golfing under heavy conditions.
The more interesting thing was the driving range. And for the kids the many animals he had around. Most remarkable his ostriches.

So we asked Mr.Mudi: What happened to the ostriches? "Well, you know, during the revolution there was little water, little electricity, so they were sold to the butcher.
However, no queues at the driving range, as it used to be before the revolution.
Balls were available, and so we hit some balls. Mr.Mudi even invited us - as  it was the first time we came after re-opening. Normal price for a bucket was/is 10 LYD.

And if you decide to play a round of golf:
Watch the Camels !
(Just guess who were the first guests after revolution at the Golf course?... The Korean embassy...)

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  1. Thanks David for keeping us with the up date,
    well at least if you hit a camel you ma day that you have partecipated and won the famous
    "Camel Trophy"