Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

First ship with Austrian wood heading to Libya

The Austrian company Topwood announced yesterday that their first ship with whitewood from Austria left the harbour of Triest on January 9.
So far no L/C s are being issued which is why the goods where sold on advance payment. I agree with Mr.Pirker that it will take some time before banks start issuing and confirming Letter of Credits again.
More information on the wood business can be found under (German)
Austrian whitewood was and is famous in Libya - 60-70% market share. Austrian wood can easily be identified, on the end of the bars there is a blue paint. If you go on the main road from Tripoli to Misrata, you can see in the area of Zliten many traders with their warehouses full of blue painted wood.
Most of the ships delivering goods to Libya dock in Misrata.
If I would have known that, I could have looked out in Misrata harbour for the ship with the Austrian products ! During a visit there yesterday I was able to enter to enter the harbour. I was really surprised because the damage to the harbour could hardly be seen.
Having read and seen so much about the damage in Misrata (there were also reports about the harbour) I expected a much worse picture.
The harbour did not look as busy as in the old days, but everything looked in order and ready for business again.


  1. Hi Coyote, I have no business in Libya or anywhere els, but I subscribed your blog because you are there and have a fresh look and give clear description of the today life in Libya.
    I translated a part of one of your post somedays ago

    I guess it will happen again.

    best whishes of business and good stay.

  2. Thanks mcc43 for the translation - it was great.
    Yeah, the German entries will come again :-)
    ... and thx for the nice remark !
    cheers d