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Strabag - not everything is lost II

After my last entry on Strabag  ( ) I received a comment from a reader which I would like to share with you. It gives also an overview of the time where Mr.N. was not in Libya, and without the help of the Libyan employees, maybe everything would have been lost....

Indeed, in Al-HANI not everything is lost.
Concerning your visit to Al-Hani site in towisha- Tripoli last week, and after reading your report I would like to comment as follows:
In the beginning, I would like to thank you for your interest on the company and I appreciate your effort making this visit.
In order to correctly make statement I would appreciate if you would spend time and effort to talk to those that has been truly involved in safe guarding of Al Hani property from the date of revolution.
Have in mind that in those days many of brave Libyans has expose their lives and lives of their dearest to protect Al Hani and they are not even mentioned in your Report.
Kindly note that even in those chaotic days we started to regain equipment that has been taken away.

From our history I would like to mentioned the following:
 “Al-Hani - the great battle” was not led by Shaikh Omar Al-Mokhtar, who was at that time giving the lessons to the Italian on the East of Libya, other “Omar Al-Mokhtar” heroes (only 4332 Libyan against 20,000 Italian) made their great victory in the West (within Tripoli).
The sites ware invaded by the Gaddafi militia since April 2011, they damage and steal many of the company property. However, the damage and the losses could be worse and more, likely some of Al-Hani's Libyan heroes stayed on the ground and they did not leave the sites. Therefore, the militia did not stay comfortable in our site; others went to the battlefronts to cut the head of the all militias.

After the liberation of Tripoli, and the liberation of the company on the 24th Aug 2011, our Libyan heroes did not wait for Mr.N or any director, they start immediately search, rescue and retrieve the company missing and stolen properties, in Tripoli, Tajura, Misurata, Zowara and much earlier in Benghazi. Of course that more could be done but having in mind that banks were unable to provide money for living the damages could not be restored promptly.

Libya and Austria have very good relation in the past and such relationship shall be maintained by publishing correction of your report you as a representative from your esteemed country with us ordinary Libyans.

In the name of god. 

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