Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

No weapons during business meetings

What a dreamer I am. How can I even dare to think that I could publish my blog entry in the evening at home easily ?
Internet was down on all systems (WIFI, Libyana, Madar...) and did only come back very weak now. Anyhow, it´s a bit like Lotto these days. Without too much evening activities going on, I would like to have at home:

- Electricity
- Internet
- Mobile Telephones working

When the day comes where all of the four work, I will open a bottle of....Rauch Grape Juice...and celebrate.
Otherwise I just count how many of the above mentioned I can achieve. Tonight it is 2 out of four (ok, now 2,5 / 4), because due to the storm and heavy rain, the SAT dish gave up working. However, not the best day for Libya today: While on a meeting in the Radisson hotel, a gunbattle erupted and we still joked during coffee about all the "celebratory gunfire" these days. Back to my office, some demonstrators in front of my neighbours, the Tunsian Embassy demanded the extradition of the former Prime Minister Baghdadi to Libya (he is currently in custody in Tunis). I would not comment on political and military issues, but today they really messed up my afternoon plans: the two meetings I would have had in the afternoon were cancelled. After it became very quiet in the afternoon in my neighbourhood (many people decided to stay home), I also decided to drive home before sunset.
So unfortunately, somebody (or many) did not the have the sign at the entrance of the Radisson in mind (see above photo) - maybe that sign should be placed at the entrance to each Libyan city.

Driving home, heavy rain poored down, and - as usual - streets got flooded. Especially the "Regatta roundabout" is tricky when it rains. It seems like having to master a special stage at the Dakar rally (see photo).
There is one good thing when it rains: Not many gunshots heard at night.
But, water enters through some parts of my house.

Last, but not least, thank you, my dear readers for your comments on my last entry regarding German/English language:
The main question is: Who is the target of this blog: Well, we have two groups: Austrian enterprises, Austrians interested in economic issues in Libya, AND of course also libyan enterpreneurs or officials, wanting to know what is going on between Austria and Libya from an economic / commercial point of view (sorry, my dear German and Swiss neighbours, you are not a target group, but I am happy to have you as my followers and readers. Austrians are well known for their hospitality :-)
I understand that the German speaking target group prefers having Blog entries in their mother tongue, and I thought it would be nice in 2012, to do most of my Blog entries in German (yes, the "Wiener Schmäh" is hard to express in English), but would at the same time, write an entry in English when I feel, this would also be interesting for my Libyan readers !
For the English speaking readers: There is a new label called "English" - if you only want the English entries, pls. click it.


  1. Wird es nicht ein wenig zu gefährlich jetzt ?

    Einerseits werden Sie angegangen von offensichtlichen Rebellen-Fundis, andererseits scheinen verschiedene Stämme wie die Warfallah den Widerstand nach Tripolis zu tragen.
    Wenn es stimmt, was man in sog. "Grünen" Blogs lesen kann, haben Sabha, Bani Walid, Tarhuna, Ghadames und Gharyan die Rebellen vertrieben und auch Zawiya ist wieder umstritten.

    Ausländer könnten in eine "Sabdwich"-Position kommen.

  2. Sie haben recht - es wird ein wenig rauher.
    Drohungen, und auch teilweise Untergriffe hatte ich bereits während der Gadaffi Zeit. Die mich prägendste Aussage eines Libyers war: "You have three beautiful children. You should be very careful on their way to and from the french school". Dieser nette Herr war mir sogar persönlich bekannt. Das war 2010.
    Man braucht gute Nerven hier...
    Ausländer: lassen Sie uns auf Holz klopfen. Bis dato ist noch keinem einzigen etwas passiert.