Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

10 km race, Feb 17 2012 Trik Shatt Tripoli

On Friday, 20 November 2009 the first ever Libyan (non-official) running event took place. At that time a half and full marathon was organised by a group of Expats. For reasons of traffic, a Friday morning was chosen. This did not avoid being nearly driven over by some crazy truck drivers, or some Libyan early birds being delighted by the view of some "Whities" girls in their tight pants.
The female racers afterwards compared how many "I love you" they heard during their race.

But now, a real Libyan run-event is taking place: On the anniversary of the revolution, Friday 17 of February 2012, Ali Mabrouk Zaid, alizaid2001@hotmail.com  , will be the organiser of this race. Sponsored by Ouadi Rabea Co. the 10kms will be starting from Martyrs square and lead all along Trik Shatt, the coastal road.
Registrations can be done until February 13 - pls. read details on the leaflets.

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